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Crewing Services & Referrals

  • Strictly Non Union
  • All have at least 10 yrs experience
  • Have crew that work from NY to Boston
  • All can and do take out the trucks and can work in or run up crews appropriate to their experience
  • Please-and-thank-you types with "can do" attitudes
Some production crew available through our Crewing Services


  • Owner/operator/founder of Rat Race Productions
  • Infamous since 1983 - No Fatalities To Date
  • 12 years hard labor in LA
  • Every type of job - yes, every type

Spent my early years as a key grip and still dabble in those dark arts - specialty rigging and pushing dolly.  Have been primarily gaffer/LD since the early 90s

Greatest pride is his "Frankensteins" - did not necessarily create the original parts but is super proud of how the pieces have come together.


  • has worked with Gerry frequently since the late 1980s
  • is a partner (in crime) in Rat Race
Muirhead Web photo

David Muirhead

IMBD Profile

Dave has been a frequent "repeat offender" with Rat Race since the end of his first year as a griptrician back in 2010.  He lives in the central Connecticut area but goes out anywhere from NYC to Boston as a local. In spite of his frequent flyer indy feature experience, he maintains an inexplicably positive attitude.  He is the crew equivalent of Prozac. While Dave still does the griptrician thing, his strengths as a grip is his happy place.

Amy with rose web photo

Amy Lane Albro

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It’s been 15 years since I was adopted into the G&E family. Gerry at Rat Race was one of the first to bring me on and has taught me a lot, from the basics to the intricacies of lighting & grip work on a large & small scale. He believes that, as far as he knows, I am the longest surviving female in the world of lighting. As a senior member of an elite group, I'm happy to see an influx of women in the industry across all departments. Diversity is the mother to creativity!

Working camera and lighting departments on corporate, commercial shoots is where you can find me most often. I've also worked reality TV, independent and studio features.  I most frequently work as a gaffer, taking out Rat Race packages. My home base is Southeastern Connecticut so I can do Boston, southern Mass, Rhode Island, all of Ct and as far south as NYC as a local.

When I’m not shaping continuous light you can find me working with my strobes as a photographer specializing in family portraiture, headshots, corporate & commercial work. Shooting stills has contributed to my strength as a camera operator.  This combined with my lighting experience has allowed me a growing success, working as a DP, on modest sized shoots.

I encourage you to take a moment to take a look at some of my still work via the links above.

Taylor Web Photo

Dave Taylor

As the spawn of two circus clowns (no kidding) I’ve always knew I would work in some aspect of show business. So after my court ordered military service, I ended up working production in San Francisco and jumped on the back of a grip truck, vowing to never go back to “real” work.

After leaving the west coast I found myself in Connecticut, settling in New London which is on the central coast.  I had no idea at the time that being in between NYC and Boston would be such a great opportunity to grow my skills and make a living in G&E.  Given humane conditions, I'll work anywhere in there, Rhode Island and Southern Mass, as a local.

I've been working in the Rat Race Crew since 2010 and it's the best mistake I've ever made.  I have worked on indy features, commercials and the occasional corporate gigs frequently Gerry's best boy and often go out as a gaffer with the Rat Race trucks.  The bits I learned and retained from the military helps me with keeping on task, organized, focused which almost makes up for my surly and jaded attitude. My family history as circus performers has also been of direct benefit in production where we all have to juggle multiple tasks, roll with the punches, work for peanuts and try not to be too much of a clown.

Jim Web Photo

Jim Purchase

As a kid, Jim was a classic audio/visual club type geek.  His free time was spent "studying television". As he got older and developed his current, action figure physique, Jim heard the calling of the G&E department.  In 2004, he hit the ground running on the set of an indy film and has yet to recover. Since than, he has been on countless commercial, music videos, shorts, indy film and corporate gigs.

Jim lives in southern Massachusetts but is none too shy about travel.  He is a super strong grip and a solid eye so swings freely between grip and electric.  He make look like a big bear but is the gentle giant on the Rat Race crew and an enthusiastic team player.