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A La Carte Gear

  • Gear must be pre-ordered
  • 20% discount available
  • Trucking fee is $1/mile

A La Carte Grip and Lighting Gear Rentals

Additional Gear must be pre ordered. Most does not live on a particular truck and some does not fit in my shop. Leave enough time for us to collect and load.

A 20% discount will be automatically applied to any gear from the following Additional Gear List once the individual truck minimum threshold is met.

Bigger discounts are available for “kid in a candy store” orders.

Contact the Big Cheese for gory details.

Individual Truck Minimum Thresholds to qualify for 20% discount:

  • 5 Ton minimum      = $350
  • 3.5 Ton minimum   = $250
  • 1.5 Ton minimum   = $150
  • Pick Up Truck min  = $150

Expendables: All our trucks have a base expendables package (pre-cuts”) included free of charge. More on “fresh cut” expendable options below.

Fees and Discounts: For particulars on trucking fees, driver options and mutli day discounts, go to our Terms page.






Note: All generators are Honda inverter style; portable quiet and fuel efficient.

Fuel is charged as used.

2 - 6500kw   45amp running capacity    $150/e
3 - 2000kw   13.3 amp running capacity    $65/e



1  Joker Bug 800 Par Kit w/speed ring    $175
draws only 12a, output in a chimera is 50% more than a 1,200 par, weighs just 6lbs, passive air cooled ballast makes no noise

2  Joker Bug 400 Par Kits w/speed rings    $100/e
draws only 5.5a, output in a chimera is 50% more than a 575w par, weighs just 5lbs, passive air cooled ballast makes no noise

1  JoLiko Adapter    $35
allows a 400 Joker Bug to fit in the back of a Liko for throwing patterns or making precise cuts. Includes a liko body and your choice of any lens from 19-50 degrees.

1  Arri 575w Fresnel
magnetic ballast    $100
electronic ballast    $115

2  9 Light Maxi Brutes    $100/e
lamped with 1k wide lamps.

1   Desisti Leonardo 5k Fresnel    $75

18  ETC Source 4 Likos    $20/e

includes gel frame, pattern holder, Edison connector, pipe clamp and TVMP spud (speaks to a 750/baby stand). Variety of lenses from 19-50 degrees. If you need a specific pattern or lens, order ahead of time

2  Mole Richardson 2k Studio fresnels    $20/e

1  Arri Kit    $75
includes 1-1kw open face w/speed ring and small chimera, 1- 650w Fresnel, 2 – 300w fresnels and 4 kit stands

1  Arri 650w Fresnel    $15

1  “Grey” Kino Kit    $100
Has 1 – 4 bank diva and 2 – 2x2 kinos. Includes both daylight and tungsten tubes

1  “Spyder” light    $50
note: this unique light has 7 tungsten and daylight lamps. Output is equivalent to a 1k open/400 Joker and has a built in Chimera ring. Speaks to xs, small, “china” ball and pancake Chimeras. Individual lamp off switches makes for easy dimming options with no color shifting. Low heat, compact fluorescent lamps are perfect for close proximity, small rooms, sissy talent, applications…


Note: The following Chimeras fit the Joker Bug 400s & 800 and the Spyder lights. The Spyder lights allow you to choose between daylight and tungsten lamps.

  • 1 20” Chimera China Lantern    $20
  • 1 30” Chimera China Lantern    $25
  • 1 medium Chimera Panacake    $25


DISTRIBUTION - up to $200

Distro is charged as used.

Note:We have easy access to additional, discounted sub order distro but need enough lead time to place and pick up order. Sub orders are priced when ordered.

  • 1 - 200a 3 phase (= 600amp) Break Out Box
  • 3 - 100a “lunch boxes”
  • 2 - 60amp “lunch boxes”
  • 2 - 25’ 5 wire banded camloc. 200a/leg
  • 3 - 50’ 100a Bates extension
  • 4 - 25’ 100a Bates extension
  • 4 - 50’ 60a Bates extension
  • 2 - 25’ 60a Bates extension
  • 2 - 100a to 60a splitters
  • 1 - f to f camloc turnaround pin
  • 6 - 50’ 12/3 edison extension
  • 6 - 25’ 12/3 edison extension



1  Dana Dolly Universal Kit    $75
includes the Dana Dolly with mitchell base, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm bowl adapters, monitor adapter with ball head, two universal track ends, 2 center supports, safety anti-tip and carrying case. Choose between 4’, 6’, 8’ & 10’ speed rail track lengths. MUST be specified prior to job. Also includes two low boy stands.

2  low boy ‘”reflector” 2r combo stands    $10/e

1  Round-D-Round Doorway Dolly    $75
Unlike standard doorway dollies that require a football field area to turn around, this one has four-way, tight radius steering, dual push handles, two anti-tip brackets, a black powder-coated steel frame, and gray carpet laminated to a CNC cut plywood top, two-side boards and a camera tie-down.

1  Doorway Dolly Track Kit    $50
includes steel, straight track (1 – 4’, 2 – 8’), 1 pair of skateboard channel wheels and 1 crate of mixed wedges, shims & cribbing, 4’ level

2  steel, wide radius curved track    $15/e

1  12’ A-frame ladder    $25



Each of our packages includes a “pre cut” expendable package for free.

This often is enough to handle a modest sized job. “Fresh cuts” from gel, diffusion, card (showcard, foam core, bead board) and ropes, are charged by the foot. This save you $$$ as opposed to the standard protocol of you cut – you buy. If you need something specific such as a particular party gel, NDs to skin windows, card for blocking out house fluorescents…. It is best to order ahead of time.