QUIT YER SQUEAKIN' & CALL 1-860-235-0430

Quit Yer Squeakin' and Call 1-860-235-0430

Grip Truck and Lighting Gear Rentals Serving New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island & Massachusetts.

Map Legend - Areas We Service

Green - All Crew works as Locals. No travel charges on labor

Yellow - Crew works as locals. Driver's travel charges may apply.

Red - Local crew dependent on availability; may incur some labor travel charges. Driver's travel charges will be incurred.

Best Prices in the Universe

This Is A No Nickle And Diming Zone

Other G&E houses offer what seems to be more for less, then kill your budget on a la carte and expendable charges. All our trucks include a base expendables package: Generous pre-cut gel, diffusion, blackwrap and a full tape roll. We only charge for heavy tape usage and necessary cuts off a roll - and then, just by the foot.

A la Carte lighting gear add ons are discounted by 20% once the low package threshold is reached.

We pride ourselves on our no drama billing process. Our goal is always to supply the package needed; never the package padded. We are happy to quote up front and, given availability, supply key pieces of gear on an "as used" basis.

Since 1983, we’ve worked on everything including Hollywood features, talking head corporates, national commercials, many, many MTV music videos and even less savory fare. Located in Connecticut, we offer lighting packages and provide all-department crew referrals for New York and New England productions.

New Territorial Expansionism: New York City and Boston

While Gerry has enjoyed a number of years of self-imposed exile from NYC and Boston, Rick and crew are stepping up and in. Rat Race offers service in both cities. Crew will work as locals except truck driver who may charge limited travel time to reflect inhumane rush hour call times, lack of coordinated parking, lousy craft service... You get the point.

Grip & Electric


We are owner/operators of lighting based packages: 5 Ton , 3.5 Ton , 1.5 Ton and Pick-Up Truck packages with lots of additional gear available A la Carte.

HMIs, Tungston, Kino Flos, Generators, Dolly, Slider, Truss, Distribution….

Our grip truck and lighting gear packages are structured to reflect shooting realities, include more gear and are pre-package discounted.



Free Crew Referrals For All Departments

We’re truly proud of the crew lists we’ve built over the years. We’ve been keeping track of who’s naughty and nice. The crew Rat Race sends your way are all experienced, low drama, good attitude, get it done types. They Work More - Squeak Less.

This applies to any job using a Rat Race package. Crewing services are available to clients not using our lighting gear for a 15% (of referred labor) fee.

See what all the fuss is about...