As long as your production hires Gerry Polinsky or uses a Rat Race lighting package, crew referrals will be made free of charge. Gerry’s crew list covers virtually all available positions (not just grip and electric) and includes personnel that work and live everywhere between New York and Boston.   He has been making referrals since moving back east in 1985 and has yet to have a client squeak about any suggested hires.

Gerry takes pride in hooking you up with the perfect fit for any position you have to fill.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Indigenous Crew

Q  What sort of rates can I expect?

A Any local crew worth hiring, work the big jobs in the big cities.  For the most part, they all charge slightly less than standard NYC commercial rates and are slightly more  flexible based on the size of the crew and the nature of the job.  We do have local swing guys (and gals) that are both more competent and cheaper than you would usually find.

Q Do the local crew monkeys need to sleep and be fed?

A Yes.  And they have heard about (but seldom employed) meal penalties and turn around fees.  Same attitude as above.

Q Can I find people who wear multiple hats?

A It’s hard to find a decent DP who’s worth a damn in craft service but, sure, we can introduce you to script people who will AD or make-up artists that will do hair and  straighten out wardrobe.  Some of the local lighting people are great “griptricians” and there are even sound people that are willing to pitch in on lighting.

Q My job’s in New York City (or Boston).  We want a crew out of Connecticut.  Will they come in as “locals”?

A Yep, mostly.  For the most part, it’s not an issue.  The few exceptions are usually based on hassels surrounding rush hour call times and are used only by those that live furthest from those locations.  A good example is laid out under the “terms” page of this site.

Q How are local rates structured?

A All rates are based on 10 hours with overtime thereafter.  For the most part overtime is time and a half till the twelfth hour and double time after that.  Meals are off the clock.  Ten hour turn-arounds.  Any exceptions must be negotiated prior to shoot day.

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