Verizon – CNBC – GTech – Microsoft/UTC Fire & Security – Holiday Inn – Donald Trump – Hasbro – Wells Fargo – Cigna – Hospital For Special Care – Pfizer Corp. –Amtrak – UTC – Nirvana – Storm King Art Center – Bose – Barry White – Mr. Big – Domenic Dunn – Raytheon – Time Warner –– Norelco – Frito Lay – Q tips – Ice T – Nabisco – Stanford Research Institute – Bud – Patty Smyth – Bud Light – Pratt and Whitney – Bostich – Coca Cola – RICOH – Joe Sipriani – Pergo Floors – Middlesex Hospital – Martha Stewart – Van Halen -Webster Bank –Dime Bank – WWE – Fleet Bank – Michael Bolton – Melissa Ethridge – Malloy for Governor – Citizens Bank – Young MC – Centerville Bank – B. Smith – Mayor DeStefano – Mohegan Sun Casino – Joe Cocker – Connecticut Lighting Centers – Rob Simmons – Megadeath – Ned Lamont – Ice Cube – Mohegan Sun Basketball – Don Henley – SNET – Pepsi Co./Quaker Oats Co. – Gladys Knight – Round Table Pizza – Party City – Job Lot – A.J.  Wright – Madonna – Oxegen – AIG Financial Products Corp. – Mavis Tire – Live Earth Event – Moment of Luxury – Billy Gilman – Jim Berman –– Dr. Perricone – HGTV – Rod Stewart – Newport Mansions – Patty LaBelle and Dionne Warwich – E Entertainment – Anita Baker – Bank of America –– Foley For Governor – Michelob – Coors – Seagrams – Chrysler – Al Green – Uniroyal – Alice Cooper – Continental – Nissan – Suzuki –Chrissy Steele – Scope – McDonalds – Taco Bell – Heinz – United Illuminating – Chrissy Waker – Head and Shoulders – Idaho Potatoes – Ice Cube – Security Pacific, Hewlitt Packard – Fox – National Theatre of The Deaf – Toad the Wet Sprocket – The Hartford Courant – Greatland Connections…


GAFFER: “Not My Jurisdiction” – Martin Productions – Karen Edmundson Bean, DP
KEY GRIP: “Night Train To Katmandu” – Disney – Glen Kershaw, DP
DOLLY GRIP: “Earth Girls Are Easy” – EGAE Movie Co – Oliver Stapleton, DP
RIGGING KEY: “White Fang” – Disney – Tony Pierce-Roberts, DP

OTHERS: “Cabin Boy”, “Heart Condition”, “The Abyss”, “Martians Go Home”, “King of The Road”,
“Till Death Do Us Part”, “Terminator 2”, “Fear”, “Defenseless”, “Murderous Visions”,
Gulf Of The Farlons”, “Horace Chooney M.D.”, etc…


D.P.: Joe Cocker – “Simple Things” – BBC – Mike Magnifico, Director
GAFFER: Joe Walsh – “The Radio Days” – Warner Brothers – M. Reshovsky, DP
DOLLY GRIP: Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Geffen – Sam Bayer, DP

Others; Chris Issak, Anita Baker, Al Green, Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, Barry White, Van Halen,
Melissa Ethridge, Megadeath, Ice Cube, Ice T, Joe Sipriani, Micheal Bolton, Young MC, Don Henley,
Patty Smyth, Gladys Knight Patty LaBelle and Dionne Warwick,Chrissy Steele, Mr. Big, Madonna,
Toad the Wet Sprocket, etc…


D.P.: “Dudley The Dragon” – Swift Communications – Kevin Murry, Producer
GAFFER: “Divas” – Danielli Entertainment.. Group – Joe Chapura, DP
KEY GRIP: “Mohegan Sun Experience” – Plum Prod. – Sandy Sissel, DP

OTHERS: World Wrestling E,ntertainment, Bank Of America, Frito Lays, Q Tip, Party City, Nabisco,
Bud, Bud Light,Michelob, Coors, Segrams, Chrysler, Uniroyal, Continental, Nissan, Suzuki, Scope,
Mutant Ninja Turtles, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Heinz, United Illuminating, Head and Shoulders, Idaho Potatos, etc…


DIRECTOR: “A Legacy Of Land”– Nature Conservancy – Bailey Pryor, Producer
D.P.: “March Across Bhutan” – WHO – Bob Madey , Producer/ Director
GAFFER: “Black Sea” – National Geographic – Marijo Dowd, Producer
KEY GRIP: “Lightning Strikes” – BBC – Tillman Remme, Direcor/Producer

OTHERS: “The Whale” NBC, “Will Short” Discovery/Times, “The Charles W Morgan” Steeplechase, “The Hunt” BBC,
“Governor’s Island” Public Art Fund, “The Dance Project” Obenhaus Films, “Sea of Discovery” National Geographic,
“Western Preserve” LC Productions, “Kings, Lovers, Thieves”, Madey Productions …


D.P.: “Under Milkwood” – National Theatre of the Deaf – Charlie Shaw, Producer
GAFFER: “Martha Stewart Living” – MSLTV – Frankie DeJoseph, DP
KEY GRIP: “48 Hours” – CBS News – Mike Giovingo, DP
DOLLY GRIP: “Young Indianna Jones” – George Lucas, Producer/Director

OTHERS: Moments of Luxury, Donald Trump, B. Smith, Dominick Dunne/Court TV,
Fox, Hewlett Packard, Fleet Bank, Round Table Pizza, Stanford Research Institute, SNET,
Security Pacific, Wells Fargo, CNBC, Action Blast, Make Me a Supermodel, etc…

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